Jon has over 30 years experience in the sailmaking industry and provides an efficient and reliable, second to none service of repairing and altering sails - making sure you receive them back as quick as possible for you.

  • Jon will personally give you the best sail repair and alteration service following through to check on customer satisfaction.
  • We will always give you an upfront cost and time scale for return.

  • A full inspection of your sails to determine all necessary work.
  • An undertaking to return your sails in the shortest possible time (or at your convenience).

To obtain a quotation for our services please follow the following steps -

  • Take photos or a quick drawing of damage or alterations needed or phone us
  • Tell us how quickly you would require the sail back
  • We will  e-mail or phone you back with a quotation.
  • We will undertake work on most sails ( and covers) but the following criteria apply
  • Make sure the sails are dry